sometimes I forget “here cutie have a nacho” isn’t a real quote


this is still SO FUNNY


sext: please tell me everything you like about me and why in complete detail double spaced please use evidence to support your claims, watch out for run-on sentences


john oliver is really not fucking around 

Listen far more than you write. If you hear a poem you like, talk to the poet about it. Don’t be afraid to ask poets about their work. They want that, most likely. Study poems. Study devices. Keep listening until you find your voice, and when you do, don’t sacrifice it for anything. Don’t write for scores. Don’t write for attention. It’s easy when you love your work more than the rewards your work may bring. Also, hug early. Learn to love hugs. You’ll never make it out of this scene alive if you can’t hug.


I’m going to just say it again, if you “reclaim” a slur, that means you can use it on you. Don’t use it on other members of your community unless you know for a fact that those individuals are ok with it, because it is still a slur no matter what and there are still people who will feel dehumanized by it.

im going on a three day (shopping) trip to chile tomorrow im so excited!! :)))))